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Making your baby's nursery a Safe place.

A nursery is supposed to be your baby's safe haven, and yours too, if you want to have some quiet time with your little one. While decorating a new nursery, parents often get excited - which is natural - and sometimes go overboard with all the cute decorations. 
Cute is good but you also have to make sure that it is safe.
Silence is  golden unless you have a toddler, in which case it probably suggests they're up to (or on) anything (just like the top of the bookshelf).

Ministry of Interior (MoI) established the Higher Committee for Child Protection in 2009 and the MoI’s Child Protection Centre in 2011 to provide" safety, security and protection for all children living in the UAE or even those coming as visitors. The committee plays a key role in maintaining the safety of children, because achieving justice and protection for children is a shared responsibility."

But as parents and caretakers, it is our responsibility to make sure that, we are careful and vigilant when it comes to a child's needs and safety.

If you are living in UAE, therefore you have to go step by step and be very careful and meticulous when Baby Proofing your little one's nursery.

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1. Make sure that your windows have locks.

All the windows and doors or your nursey Should have Window Locks on them. If there is a bathroon attached, please make sure there is a lock on the door. The windows should be high and there should be no furniture near the windows to make sure that your child does not climb up and reach the windows

Dumasafe Provides quality Window and Door Locks to keep your baby Safe.

2. Make sure all toiletteries are away from reach.

Please make sure that all infant creams, alcohol-based hand solutions, nappy lotions, oils, powders and other supplies are inside a locked cabinet or on a shelf away from your child's reach. Ingesting any of them can be dangeous.

3. All Cupboards and Drawers are locked.

All the cupboards and drawers should be locked and secure. your child should not be able to access anything, even the toys, unless they are safe and are already placed out side.

Here is a Drawer Lock by Duma Safe that keeps your little one away from harms way

4. All Electrical sockets should be covered.

Little fingers get every where. 
All elecltric sockets should be covered, in case your child gets curious and tries to touch them.

5. All the shelves and other wall decorations should be securely attached to the wall, with whatever means necessary. Nails, straps, hard glue - what ever is needed, please just make sure that nothing falls and causes a problem.

These Elcectric Socket by DumaSafe covers are easy to install and provide a complete protection for your child.

6. A playpen.

Now days, its good to have a safe playpen inside your nursery, so you can keep an eye on your baby when you are working or multitasking. This keep the little ones in a safe space where it is easier to monitor them.

This Beautiful Play Pen by Duma Safe keeps your baby Safe while you multitask and work.

No matter what Baby proofing or Saby safety items you use, make sure they are of top quality. Babies are precious and nothing is more important to make sure they are in "Safe Zone" all the time. Above all, keep vigilant and careful.