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Baby Safety
Starts Here.

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Do your kids need Perfect parents?

There is no perfection in parenthood.

We get to be human and make mistakes. We get to lose our cool and navigate repair. We get to model imperfection so they know what happens next.
If you weren’t perfect today, you aren’t failing. You can still foster a secure attachment. Your kiddo can know they’re safe and loved. You’ve got this and we’ve got your back on this journey.

Raising Healthy and Happy Kids

Parents want their  kids to remain out of trouble, do well in school, and carry on to do wonderful things even when they are adults.

And while there's no ready recipe for increasing kids being successful psychologists have actually directed a number of aspects that predict success. Some themes operate throughout these pointers: spending some time along with your child, permitting your child make decisions, and keeping a happy family members although it requires a range of methods and techniques to boost a child well-equipped for adulthood.

Much of a young child's development boils down towards the parents — having both parents within the household in a happy relationship, contributes to success inside a child's person life

Young ones which believe they are able to do anything they feel doing, and get whatever they want, are generally the ones who react down by putting or whining a tantrum whenever their particular needs are not met.

Making your Kitchen a "Baby Safe" Zone

     Your kitchen is frequently in the centre of family members life, however it is a accepted place that is challenging make safe for the youngster. Its an enjoyable and area that is interesting a toddler this is certainly curious - like other aspects of your home, in inclusion it features concealed dangers.
      Moms and dads are bustling around, pulling goods that are colorful refrigerators and cupboards. Things are going in from the toddler's image on counters and stoves, and he/she yearns to see and engage.

     The blend on most this task, your child's all-natural fascination, together with your occasionally split interest suggests that it's particularly essential to childproof the home.

Making your baby's nursery a Safe plac

A nursery is supposed to be your baby's safe haven, and yours too, if you want to have some quiet time with your little one. While decorating a new nursery, parents often get excited - which is natural - and sometimes go overboard with all the cute decorations. 
Cute is good but you also have to make sure that it is safe.
Silence is  golden unless you have a toddler, in which case it probably suggests they're up to (or on) anything (just like the top of the bookshelf).

Ministry of Interior (MoI) established the Higher Committee for Child Protection in 2009 and the MoI’s Child Protection Centre in 2011 to provide" safety, security and protection for all children living in the UAE or even those coming as visitors. The committee plays a key role in maintaining the safety of children, because achieving justice and protection for children is a shared responsibility."

But as parents and caretakers, it is our responsibility to make sure that, we are careful and vigilant when it comes to a child's needs and safety.

If you are living in UAE, therefore you have to go step by step and be very careful and meticulous when Baby Proofing your little one's nursery.

5 Basic Home Safety Tips for Keeping y

Home is the first sanctuary for every child. The Safe place. The place where they can feel loved, safe and comforted. Where they begin their first exploration of the huge world, from looking at and recognizing the lights and the colors on the wall, to taking their first steps. The sights, sound, smells and the feel of the place becomes ingrained into their psyche as part of their earliest childhood memories. 

Unfortunately, accidental injuries at home land millions of children in the hospital each year.

According to an Article in N-UAE, by Nick Webster, "
Accidents in the home are one of the most common causes of injury in toddlers, according to a report by medics at Latifa Hospital in Dubai.

The report drew similar conclusions to a recent report in Abu Dhabi that also found more than three quarters of child injuries happen at home.

According to international statistics, more than two million children under the age of 15 experience accidents in and around the home every year, for which they are taken to accident and emergency units.

Many more are treated by GPs and by parents and carers.

 Fortunately, home injuries are largely avoidable through education and prevention. It is imperative that we take imperative preventive measures to make sure that our homes are Baby proofed and Safe for our little ones.